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Reaching out for support by acknowledging there’s an issue and taking action is the first step to improving your situation.

Support for Young People

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You are amazing! You are so special there is no one like you on the whole planet, there has never been and there will never be another one of you. You are one in 7 billion and at Changing Lives we want to keep you that way!

Parenting Skills Support

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Parenting is a life time occupation without a clear job description: a parent is a cleaner, cook, psychologist, nurse, GP, teacher, counsellor, taxi service, coach, cheer leader and so on with very little or no idea where one role ends and the other begins. It is a lifetime occupation with no retirement date: when you are a parent, you are a parent for life.

Family Mental Wellbeing

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What are your dreams for your family? As a parent did you, dream of a loving relationship with your partner, be the best support for your children, create loving memories filled with fun and laughter that in years to come you could look back on and enjoy?


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