Parenting Skills Support

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Parenting is a life time occupation without a clear job description: a parent is a cleaner, cook, psychologist, nurse, GP, teacher, counsellor, taxi service, coach, cheer leader and so on with very little or no idea where one role ends and the other begins. It is a lifetime occupation with no retirement date: when you are a parent, you are a parent for life.

Each child is different and parents need to constantly adapt and change to meet the age appropriate needs of their child. Most parents get very little time to reflect on their learning, savour the pleasurable moments before being diverted to the next challenge.

The parenting skills support we offer is primarily aimed at giving parents a chance to reflect on what they are already doing and how they are doing it. It is a bonus when parents learn new skills to help them be better at what they do. In line with our values, we are committed to provide nationally recognised parenting skills programs where necessary in community languages to ensure equality of access to parenting support: Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities and Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) as well as Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 (UK) for parents with children aged between 10 and 14 years old.

We also offer tailored parenting support where a parent’s capability is adversely affected by experience of separation/ divorce, domestic violence, mental illness or the parent’s own traumatic past. By combining Systemic Famiky Therapy skills and parenting skills we offer couples, parents and children to develop rewarding relationships.




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